How great you are ……



La Boheme – I live in cheerful poverty

I adore this Opera , I could watch it over and over again and never get tired.  The sweetness and the simplicity of the story and the love between two inspired souls is a joy to watch.  I’m sure you will love it too!

A sample extract from the Opera La Boheme

Who am I
I am a poet
I write
I live in cheerful poverty
I’m like an important gentlemen
Who wastes a fortune on words
I live in a castle in the air
and I’m a millionaire in ideas
The same thieves rob me again and again
Beautiful eyes like yours steal my dreams
The thievery doesn’t bother me
as long as the dreams give me hope
Sure you know me now
tell me all about you

Who are you?

They call me Mi Mi though my name is Lucia

What a wonderful being you are
How the moonlight touches you ever so softly
You are the dream I never dared to dream
you speak love
your words cut right through to my heart
Until I can hear only you
There is a storm in my soul
love calls for a kiss
Please don’t
be mine
your friends are waiting
are you sending me away?
Are you going to take me with you
Let’s stay here
It is cold outside
I’ll stay close to you
and later on who knows?
May I ?
At your command Sir
Say that you love me
I love you