C. S. Lewis




Dear Dáil Éireann

       “Pro Choice Ireland ,  I have a Name , I don’t want a number , I am an Irish Citizen, I want a vote too


Dáil Éireann you are unworthy to stand on the soil of Leinster House and sing the Irish National Anthem if your number one priority is not “Life”
That’s the soil where our real political heroes stood and they weren’t
“Political Baby Killers” 
You are pedaling and promoting false pro – choice ideologies to young people,  that are an assault against our Irish Flag and this countries National Anthem

“Sinne Fianna Fáil

Atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn……….”,

“That includes the baby in the womb of the mother on Irish Soil”

If you want to abort the future of Ireland you have no country to lead
 Hand in your resignation !
The baby in the womb has the same equal right to life as the mother
If you don’t stand for life you stand for nothing and your political career is worthless it has the same value you give the life of a baby in the womb of its mother who is being denied a right to vote 
You have betrayed the future of Ireland with your Citizens Assembly and you have betrayed the Irish Flag 
In or out of the womb every citizen in Ireland has a right to a VOTE
You the government have a duty and a responsibility to give me a VOTE on Irish Soil that’s my constitutional right in accordance with our Irish National Anthem
I want an election !!!

Dear Dáil Éireann

I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend welcome back !

I’m ashamed of my government every single one of you as Ireland is on the cusp of following the global trend on abortion. I can’t believe I’m now living in a country that’s debating whether or not it’s okay to “kill a baby” and when it’s okay to “kill a baby” and how easy it is to “Kill a Baby” .  Pro Choice Ireland has reduced the life of a child to a vote because our government has no leadership. Personally I feel every member of the “Pro Choice Citizen’s” assembly is a disgrace. Anybody who recommends the liberalization of abortion is complicit in the global killing of 60 million babies annually. What the church did was bad but what you are about to do to this country is a million times worse. Now I want every citizen of Ireland that’s aborted in the womb of their mother on Irish soil to get a name not a number so start rewriting the rule book on Birth Certificates you are very good at accommodating the Pro Choice agenda you better give every pro-choice baby aborted in St Vincent’s a name it’s 2017 not 1945 Auschwitz. You won’t conveniently copy America, the UK and Europe’s best practices on Abortion to save time and money this is Ireland and we do things differently.

Have you all read the detail of what the Citizens’ Assembly, Ireland’s finest men and women voted for and think what it actually means.

64% want abortion for ANY reason or none 8% want NO time limits.

I really like that new car my next door neighbour just bought I think I’ll ring Vincent’s and arrange an abortion

Hey, I’m bored this baby is an inconvenience I’ll get an abortion sure everyone is doing it now…..I’m young I have the rest of my life to live.

80% want abortion for a NON-fatal foetal abnormality (38% no time limit).

I want a perfect Baby to match my Perfect Life thanks to Pro Choice Ireland I can kill my imperfect baby

72% want abortion for “socio economic reasons” (10% no time limit).

We don’t live in famine stricken Ethiopia?

These are extreme views !!!!!!!!!! Not mainstream

Our government should have spoken with one voice on this issue every member of Dáil Éireann should be screaming from the rooftops “we don’t kill babies in Ireland “and we don’t endorse the global mass slaughtering of innocent life in the womb of any woman”.  There is no justification for taking the life of a baby your “Silence” is deafening. When you endorse abortion you are unfit and unqualified to lead the people of Ireland on any issue. Every silent voice and every Pro Choice voice is complicit in the global abortion figures. Individually as a country we are responsible . The global figures on abortion are shocking America has aborted 10 times the population of Ireland.

Globally there are 125, 000 abortions every day. We all know the figures are probably even higher than the statistics. We remembered the 1.1 million Jews slaughtered in Auschwitz recently history really has thought us absolutely nothing. Our appetite to follow trends and fashions is greater than our desire to show an example to rest of the world by upholding the most precious thing in our society which is “Life Itself” we want to follow the crowd .

Dáil Éireann – How many babies do you want to kill ?

1 – 10 – 1000- 10,000 – 100,000 , 200,000

Life is not a Political game

Life is not a Vote

Life is not a Debate

Life is not a clever strap-line without any shame

I can choose a bar of chocolate, I can choose new shoes

I can choose to sleep with you and I can choose to discard you too,

I can choose to teach or fly,

But I can’t choose who can live or die

Life is not a toy

Life is a girl or boy

A doctor, baker, candlestick maker, photographer, architect,

Life is not a choice

Life is so much more,

It was made for me and you

A special journey designed for two

Life is not a choice

Life has a human voice

I want to know when will we have a remembrance day for the 60 million babies that are slaughtered annually in abortion clinics that the world wants to forget. Ten years from now we will be adding another 600 million babies to the global figures on abortion.

Will Ireland show an example to rest of the World that abortion is not the answer or will the Pro Choice Media ,  and Pro Choice Government keep driving the Pro Choice agenda for those who want the “option to kill a baby for any reason”  who will win the vote?  The media circus is about to commence because our government has failed on this issue.

I won’t stay silent it is too important and to stay silent is to be complicit win or lose I will be joining the fight for “life” because 200,000 Irish Citizens that the Citizens Assembly are keen to abort on Irish soil is worth fighting for , it’s the future of Ireland.

I want to know will Leo Varadkar take out his “Equality rainbow Flag” for the baby that is being denied the right to live in his New Modern Ireland or will his Political career come first!!!

I want to know will Clare Daily push the government to do a special offer with the new modern mantra “there is one for everybody in the audience” because according to her there are a flood of women desperate to use this new facility who don’t want to take the boat

“Buy one abortion get one free” in our new high-tech abortion hospital”

Maybe you will give them out on Medical Cards

Clare Daly, Will women be able to have unlimited abortions 1/ 3/ 6 /7 because remember you are promoting this new service to young people.  Will two paracetamol help them recover from killing a baby? You better have a budget for counseling services Clare Daly because we are going to have a lot of distressed citizens bordering on despair when your “New Modern” Ireland comes to fruition. I want to know will you be giving bereavement counseling in your own home for the women who regret they killed their baby or are you expecting the state to pay for the aftermath that will be required to support the service you promoted as an option to young people ? Will you be personally consoling each and every woman who regrets her trip to your new high-tech butcher shop facility or will that fall on the shoulders of the people who really care. All you Pro Choice government representatives you will be responsible and accountable to society when a young person commits suicide after having an abortion on Irish Soil because they couldn’t  cope with the reality of “Killing  a Baby” . Clare Daly Your kids are very lucky abortion wasn’t readily available to you. There are serious emotional and psychological consequences to the lie you are all endorsing.

I hope your Children don’t abort your grandchildren that are waiting to be born!

Joan Burton, your mother had a heart she gave you up for adoption

Where is yours?

Pro Choice women in government who have children you are a disgrace and you don’t represent me, your ideals are warped and misguided the path you are paving for the young people of Ireland is a very dangerous slippery slope. You are giving our future real citizens of Ireland no boundaries. A society out of control is a very scary thought. Feminism has nothing to do with “Killing Babies” and there is nothing liberating about abortion .

We don’t need to worry about the next world war , Trump, Brexit , Climate change , North Korea,  Syria, refugees , or  terrorist attacks “women are killing babies globally ” the most powerful weapon against all world leaders are killing the most vulnerable in society “women are killing babies” and it hurts me to even type the words . It’s a new modern global war it’s a war on life itself endorsed by a fractured society it’s called “Mother against Baby” and it has sneaked into every country and every society under the guise of abortion. Women have bought the lie that society has pedaled with advertising and slogans that fuel our minds daily. If every woman on the planet aborted her babies there would be no life on earth. Women have the most power because they give birth to life.

Truth: Abortion kills Babies

Fiction: Abortion will fix my Life

I won’t allow 60million babies to be forgotten when Ireland goes to the polls I will be voting Pro Life for every baby that was denied a vote for life. Nice timing Enda Kenny with your Pro Choice Citizens Assembly. It’s just as well they have plenty of recommendations on how to abort Ireland’s future citizens to fill Ireland’s first modern high-tech Unmarked Abortion Graveyard for all the Pro Choice aborted babies that are going to die on Irish soil. You are about to make an irreversible step into the worst type of evil and you are all complicit. We will have a fancy high-tech south side hospital in D4 that “murders babies” that’s real progress. I hope it feels good and I hope you all can sleep at night when it’s in full swing.  You will be accountable for every child that is killed in the womb of their mother on Irish soil, regardless of whether you believe in any God. What an achievement!

It’s very apt that it’s so close to our “Pro Choice RTE TV and Radio “secular media station with pro-choice presenters i.e Ray Darcy amongst others . The young people of Ireland are not media “fodder” to be used as a deliberate target to protect or increase your listenership ratings. Society will hold all pro choice advocates accountable for every baby that is murdered on Irish soil and for the young people who will be damaged and effected by abortion. Their lives will be changed forever . Abortion is not going to Mc Donald’s for a happy meal . It is irresponsible broadcasting to package abortion as a new service to society . Killing a baby goes against every cell in a woman’s body, that’s why women don’t go to War. Remember abortion effects two people . It kills the life of the baby and it leaves a lasting scar with the mother until the day she dies. That’s 200,000 murders on Irish soil and 200,000 women’s lives broken in society 400,000 lives torn to pieces. The media have no business to seduce young people to abort their babies and then treat mother and baby like unmarked trash or a pro choice statistic. Our young people are precious and they deserve higher standards from people in the media , public life, and government representatives. Abortion is not the answer and it won’t solve anything it will add more pain to an already broken society.

RTE will have to take responsibility for biased practices re media coverage. They are obsessed with bashing the Catholic Church and It fascinates me that in rural Ireland where everybody knows everybody’s business nobody came forward to expose the Catholic Church sooner especially when such atrocities happened on their doorstep but then SILENCE in the face of evil is a greater evil. When we are all finished blaming the church for everything that’s wrong in our lives I think we should take a good look at ourselves individually because not one of you is the model of perfection .Don’t forget, half a million children are abused in Ireland every year in their own homes which has nothing to do with the Catholic church. There is an epidemic of suicide and mental health issues in Ireland already, and other serious issues that need to be addressed but you have fixed yourself on abortion. The Pro Choice mantra has our young people destroyed they don’t know whether they are coming or going and they have no life experience so are caught up in an illusion. There is no such thing as “Pro Choice” there is no choice when it comes to killing another person. Pro Choice doesn’t exist it’s fiction. 

We are now being plunged into a media circus of when a baby is a baby and when it is okay to kill a baby or not kill a baby. The people of Ireland are now forced to listen to this rubbish on a daily basis on TV and Radio as the fight heats up across Ireland. We don’t need a biology lesson. You have pitched two sides against each other “Save the baby” and  “Kill the baby” we are all living witnesses that an embryo is a human being and the idea that we are debating life itself is sickening and proves we have become derailed. Science can’t tell you the meaning of life.

We are all accountable for the next step that Ireland takes re abortion.  Congratulations Dáil Éireann now you just have to fool the rest of us into your complicit endorsement re the PRO CHOICE ideology that most of you think is trendy. Dáil Pro Choice you will have a lot on your conscience 10 years from now.  I will fight you every step of the way for the 200,000 Irish Citizens / Babies your assembly recommended we abort on “Irish Soil.  Now while members in government are rewriting the 8th Amendment to tie up loose ends. You can include a special abortion “IRISH BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR EVERY ABORTED (BABY / CITIZEN) that you’re hand-picked PRO CHOICE Assembly recommended WE ABORT.  You won’t number the babies you murder on Irish Soil number  1, 5, 1000, 5000, 50,000, 150,000 you will give each baby a name.

You won’t put IRELAND’S FUTURE citizens  IN AN UNMARKED – TEST TUBE-  PANDA BIN –  INCINERATOR OR LANDFILL SITE .  If Pro Choice Ireland want to kill Irish Citizens you will bury the dead properly. Already it’s evident that when society is left to its own devices it behaves more like a wild animal than a human being.

Pro Choice Hospital

Pro Choice Science

Pro Choice Government

Pro Choice Society

Pro Choice Doctors

When Vincent’s hospital murders Irish Citizens in the womb’s of their mothers it has a duty to bury the remains of every baby born in Ireland in your new facility that will be run independently of church and state. Take note Pro Choice Ireland you have no right to touch one cell of the remains of any aborted Irish citizen in Vincent’s hospital or any other hospital on Irish Soil. When Pro Choice society collaborates to murder the baby in the womb of the mother it loses all rights to use the body parts for science. When the heart beat stops and you failed to save the baby all rights to profit from the dead babies remains seize too! We live in a multicultural Ireland with different religions but all religions believe in one God and the dead baby’s remains belong to God and him only and for all the atheists we wouldn’t have atheism if there wasn’t a God.

I want every aborted baby in Ireland to be given a NAME not a NUMBER its 2017 not 1945 Auschwitz. If Pro Choice Ireland want abortion you better rewrite the rule book on birth certificates. Enda Kenny you won’t institute American / UK/ or European abortion practices on Irish Soil. I want to know how the Master in Vincent’s will be disposing of PRO CHOICE CITIZENS REMAINS? Will there be 50,000 – 100,000 or 200,000? According to Clare Daly “Killing Babies” is in high demand in Ireland that’s why we are heading for a referendum it’s not because 20 people want an abortion.  I’m expecting your all going to have a lot of murdered babies on your conscience because that’s something you can’t abort.



It’s round one to you Mr Kenny, now you just have to fool the rest of us into your complicit PRO CHOICE ideology alongside your other Pro Choice Voices in government. I will fight you every step of the way for the 200,000 Irish Citizens / Babies your assembly recommended we abort on “Irish Soil”. You are the government that destroyed the word “Family” in Ireland. Enda Kenny your political career is almost over and as you leave politics through one door another door is about to open that will change the face of Ireland forever. You had an opportunity to show an example and you took the cowards route , your career in politics is meaningless when you don’t stand up for the life of a “baby” , being complicit in the face of abortion is an assault on your country and every aborted baby globally.

I was told last year my father had Terminal Cancer stage four with 4 months to live , now I want Dáil Éireann to tell the 125,000 babies that are going to be slaughtered in the wombs of their mother tomorrow they have 24 hours to live and you don’t care!! It’s not just about upholding the 8th Amendment in Ireland it’s about the global slaughtering of innocent life. You are unfit to sit in Dáil Éireann unless you uphold the protection of the most vulnerable in society as a Leader, politician, or TD . I am furious that my government has put me in a position where I will be forced to vote on the life of a baby in the womb of its mother. Could a government stoop any lower than to reduce the life of a baby to a vote in 21st century Ireland.

 When we have no respect for life, we respect nothing and we have nothing of value 

The debate is over !

You the government have forced the people of Ireland  to vote on “Life” so how will you vote in Dáil Éireann will  it be

 “Save the Baby” or ” Kill the Baby” ?

I won’t be complicit in this global atrocity that has become a trend or a fashion to facilitate a society that does not know how to LOVE unconditionally and without limits.

The “Baby” has autonomy over its own body and therefore has the same right to “Life” as the mother no one can take that right away !!!

When a country is in pain the prescription is not Abortion


Life with a Voice

I love my country

“Sinne Fianna Fáil

Atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn……….”,



Missing Him


Love is when you miss him even before he’s gone,
When you could listen to him talk all night
And never get tired of hearing his voice,
When the sound of his name sends chills down your spine,
And when you see his smile the second you close your eyes!

– Adriene Auckerman6539e706ea991377b76abe34c38da884

Aching Soul

Tears flowing out of control

It must be a year

I’ve lived in a valley of tears

A soul weeps and heartache can’t sleep7d44edff048dc1068a0e53fa57c5f8c0

It’s unceasing,

I fail to understand God’s plan

I wish these tears would seize to be

So that I can learn to breath

Living just for me

Without warning, a pain appears

A deep sorrow, crying into tomorrow

Tears out of control, tears from my soul

Tears with nowhere to go

How many tears is it possible to weep?

The pain is heart deep, and just won’t sleep

I have no control

The tears just flow

Rain falls from the sky

I guess even the heavens must cry

Aching Soul,

Just let go


Life with a Voice