Poetry is the song of the heart, molded by the mind.

– Roger W. Hancock 

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Circus Love                                                                   Give

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Beautiful Love                                                              Madness of Love

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Imagine Love                                                               My Favourite Dream

 5f810dcb26c8bba5dc16344261a6447b                                                          701c5a7c212a4861414fedf134e8d514

Butterfly Heart                                                               Is it Love

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Choice                                                                                         Hymn to Love

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Not There                                                                                      Dance Love

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Mystery                                                                                      True Love 
 99931c2095a59c8ddb1aa8534e78dc89                                                                   0da5236b31e77778a132eb7439a7e69f

Kathleen’s Child                                                                        Rain Rain

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Angel Hold My Hand                                                                  Let’s Dance

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Dear Love                                                                                      Goodbye

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Not Alone                                                                                           One

da901a88b4fed2a47a40820142dcef90                                                                     b212214195ef4380cba88f34ef28c59b

Pieces                                                                                       Seeds of Love     

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Lover                                                                                                xxx 

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Finding Wings                                                                           Early Bird  

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Love from the Heart                                                                       Distant Stars

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Sleeping Love                                                                                      Falling

c58043e6c62d39cbfa5aa525399abf6d                                                                   03d1d9aff46ab8659ac0f3eff540784b

Cosmic Blue Eyes                                                                      No fear with true Love  

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Adam & Eve                                                                                        Waiting

831b568b8d777da4910d1fc636386ddf                                                                   319c9653637f2186bf20db8759e3c325

You                                                                                                    Our Ocean

 eb6197d7963ac14bc1aea92a1b8c8cc4                                                                        b5803317db26e260773ea97d11ea3034

Your Voice                                                                                     Time Stood Still

0a82dddcbd55df69c02664fa0f233d87                                                                      cefab3a3cc92aef1f28e56e803b0b3e7

Cheek to Cheek                                                                             Mystery of You

tumblr_mq3pym4Yul1qcpskio1_500                                                                        3075bd10266c6bcc7caf9423a87cb9b8

Holding Hands                                                                              Moments in Love

08b8e7b5169c0f0d316af5f702046695                                                                           imagesll

Tears                                                                                         lessons in love

4b2ceb0203f0237efda3eb4fcd9dc772                                                        7cd4e497a0375e8d22237ecbbe074d51

Time to Love                                                                           The Wonder of You

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                        c03dd9557fa14fda570b41ba0ca5e50c

Roots                                                                                   Winning

6ae78a034e2c25cd09527ff9cb17da53                                                                 a185406fe25862d9d948a0bddd4c7eec

One Love                                                                                     Is it You


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