3b1cdd5cc2aaeadd4f5cee329a12e49f We all have a precious unique story that defines our individual lives. I studied design and my pallet of interests have changed over the years.   I love blogging and sharing all those things that make each day an adventure. Life is still an interesting journey with many twists and turns . I originally created my blog in response to the abortion debate on a radio program I felt overwhelmed and appalled by the different arguments and I just couldn’t believe life was being reduced to a debate .

When you read the statistics on abortion it’s quite shocking . America has aborted over 50million babies since 1973 .What type of a society kills over 50million babies?.  America has aborted ten times the population of Ireland . We don’t need to worry about “Trump ” pushing the red button , we don’t need to worry about Syria , Refugees , Climate Change , North Korea or China we are already at WAR. It’s a WAR on babies a war on life itself and we are destroying the future with our own hands .

That famous button has already been pressed by “women” through abortion. Women are more powerful than any government leader and they are using this power by violently attacking the most vulnerable . It hurts me to even type this but women are “Killing millions and millions and millions of babies ” . I can’t allow these babies to be forgotten or to become a statistic . Every Silent voice is complicit in this global slaughtering of small innocent babies. Why are we not stopping abortion? Why are doctors allowed to kill millions of babies? Why is every woman in the world not voicing her condemnation of this act of butchery against life ?

We have lost our way , we don’t know the difference between right and wrong anymore. The lines have become blurred . Our priorities are warped alongside our liberal mindset shaped by media and radio soundbites. We are living in a global sea of blood created by abortion that has reached epidemic proportions. It’s not a war in the usual sense of the word country against country it’s a new modern war it’s “mother against baby”  It’s a war on life that has sneaked into every country and every society under the “pro choice” slogan that endorses the right to murder another human being . Every aborted baby will get my pro life vote when Ireland goes to the ballot box. They now have a voice in me

Ireland was always a country that protected life now I’m ashamed to say I live in a country that is now following the global trend and we are putting together a referendum on abortion . Life is more than a political argument and in my opinion a country that debates whether or not it’s okay to kill a baby has seriously lost it’s way . Over 60 million babies are aborted globally every year this statistic is shocking .  I won’t allow all these babies to be forgotten I can’t ignore those numbers.

I want to use my blog to celebrate the path we all walk daily . I hope you enjoy my scribbles , poems , images and quotes and little odds and ends that excite and delight me on a daily basis as I share my voice with you. 

I dedicate my Blog and my Facebook page to “Life With a Voice” and love which can be found in ordinary and extraordinary places seen and unseen with our human eyes and heart .  

Love into eternity. A soul has no age.

I love the shiny moon in a dark November sky. The beauty of nature and everyday life excite me regularly, filling my heart with joy and wonder. Life has a voice listen and answer.  Take a moment and open your heart to the voice of real truth and beauty. Be the captain of your soul, unlock a priceless treasure and set yourself free.  A happy place is hidden deep within you, seek and find your true destination.

Life with a voice is about falling in love with living in the moment and the journey .


Life with a Voice













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  1. i don’t know how I feel about what you write, you describe the world as ‘bad’ but your pictures and indeed, my own experience, conveys its beauty. But I am so glad that you do write, that you care enough to take the time,it matters! Yours words are a cry of the heart and they are heard. Veronica

    • The world is not bad. The world is beautiful 🙂 I truly believe that. I created my blog in response to the abortion debate that was on the Radio and TV in Ireland. I was saddened to hear how the destruction of life was being reduced to a couple of words and some clever phrases. Life is a human heartbeat full of dreams and I hope my blog demonstrates how wonderful it is to be part of that mystery. Thank you for your comments.

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