Bird in my Heart

I call to you,

come home,

let me wrap my arms about you,

touching your aches,

soothing your weary,

emotional state.

Journey with me,

surrender all,

take refuge

in my humble place.

My nest for two I designed for you

so that you might rest with me.

Don’t be too quick to leave,

please spend,

a little more time with me.

Let me comfort you ,

before you go,

early bird,

how can it be,

that you have to leave,

without me.

Don’t be long

come back soon,

strong little bird,

singing your tune.

I’m waiting to wrap,

my arms around you,

Promise you won’t  leave me,

alone, for too long.

Quickly find,

your way back home.

I’m lost until I see you again,

come back to me,

so we both can feel free.


Life with a Voice


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