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7 thoughts on “Have you something to say …

      • Your comment immediately made
        DH Lawrences poem spring into my mind. He was a curious man who often flouted convention but produced some great literature.
        ‘ Have you prepared your ship of death?’
        The other instant reaction is:
        ‘Because I could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me.’

      • your DH Lawrence reference is very apt for my life right now as my Father is terminally ill with Cancer and it’s forcing me to look and see life from a completely different perspective. Death is something we all have to face a ship with it’s own tide creating many ripples as it calls a soul away from a familiar place. Life is now taking on a new and deeper meaning thank you for sharing

      • I’m saddened to hear of your sorrow.
        I’m 74 and my father passed away in 1995 he was 81 and had led an active life. He was taken into hospital where he had a fatal heart attack. My own health is reasonable and I hope to go on a few more years. I’m fortunate enough to live near the sea which is endlessly fascinating.

      • my Father is 79 on St Patricks Day I think Cancer is particularly heartbreaking as it has it’s own hidden layers of pain that attack the body in stages. The sea is a wonderful source of therapy Natures answer to lifes worries . Life is for living and a soul has no age I wish you many years to come so that you can enjoy the voice of the sea and the poetry of your life

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