My little Circus of Love

A fantasy

a reality

Am I suppose to stand alone9dc006213bce0418b3d92c846439b54b

While life moves from day to day

hour to hour

minute to minute

Am I really alone

Where is my true home

come join this little fantasy world

made for two

made for you

Is it a new Spring

It’s unfair to test a new season of love

she must fall into the Summer moon

She can’t wait forever

It’s already Spring

Distant memories will fade

into day

Life goes on into Winter

deep in the snow of love

Let’s runaway

make our wishes come true

feel the waves reveal a hidden deep story

Let’s join the circus of Love

make a house made from

the walls of passion , fun , laughter and the season

of our dreams

it’s the circus of love


Life with a Voice

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