I love you

I love you

Do you remember when you said it

I do5f810dcb26c8bba5dc16344261a6447b

I felt it

You truly meant it

It’s the way you said it

I believed you

I fell into this wonderful place

cradled by your warmth and grace

I felt blessed

You said it first

But I think I heard the warmth of your voice before

In a different foreign land on a crimson shore

here I was

I found you again

When you said it

I heard a voice speak to my soul

it was butterflies

I found peace deep inside


Don’t deny it

These feelings won’t go

and there is nowhere to hide

I just hated you even more

I waited so long

I didn’t believe

this was happening to me

The first time you spoke

I heard my lover speak from his soul


Life witha Voice

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