Finding Wings

Finding Wings

Letting go

feel my strength

as the wind


Into your arms34e2c729bc994c31cec02aefb469e5f4

the breeze controls

the speed to which

I must let go

Wings outstretched to

embrace you


Falling in love

at your feet

it’s my favourite seat

Falling deeper

I can’t sleep

It’s your wings

my heart is beating like a violin

a symphony in strings

Falling Deeper and Deeper

Falling in Love

at your feet

adoring the wings

love gave me

I just let go

so we could find

our wings of love and share

a gift from above

it was love

disappearing without a trace

it was our special place

Feel the power as I soar

into our love hour by hour

I truly desire

My hearts on fire

I’m alive

deep inside

It’s falling in love

with spiritual wings

it’s true love

with no strings


Life with a Voice


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