Is it you

A weakness
Is this you
I felt a sword pierce me through
everything has just been wiped out
gone in a second
A veil of bluea185406fe25862d9d948a0bddd4c7eec
can this really be true of you
filled me
This wasn’t how I imagined it would be 
with you
I never asked for this to happen to me
or you
I made no demands
Love always finds a way out
I have no expectations
I will live the life
that I have been dealt
with or without you
A doubt
A weakness
Not me
My feelings are more
and the challenge
was one I could not ignore
I ask for
I accept that I lost everything
so much time
because you were not mine
for half a
I met a love out of the blue
it was you
unplanned there you were living on the strand
there you were my boy
A true friend in a different land
I never planned
With a voice shouting why
I met time
saying now
what am I guilty of
I’m more inside
I deserve much more
Don’t you
Love is not
a list of do’s and don’ts
Love is not a weakness or a doubt
Love is free
Love is that soul
who knows the only place to be
is beside me
into eternity
Life with a Voice


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