Time to Love


Grieving for time

Lost days and years

a wish

a prayer


time has past away

like a season

where is the meaning

the mystery

the reason



wishing as a child

now an adult

making more wishes

 part of life has now slipped away

An old pair of shoes

dirty , broken


weary it’s the journey home

finding something to grieve

I need to believe

a day is like a year

a year is now forever

 18, 19, 20, soon I’ll be eighty or perhaps ninety

It’s all ,  slipping away ,

faster, weeping anew.

I cried

I cried for you

I felt alone again

I cried as I returned home


absent soul where did you go

what if you weren’t around anymore

what is this strange love of ours

so familiar so surreal

it’s our divine journey through time

I cried because of lost time

Our Time


Life with a Voice


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