What if?

all those years

did not amount to so many tears.

Each tear had a purpose,

a special place,08b8e7b5169c0f0d316af5f702046695

in this frozen emotional state.

Each tear adds a day

a lifetime,

tied to memories,

found in this odd new pastime.

It’s a state of mind,

it’s sometimes hard to find

the key,

to unwind and just be me.

I don’t want to apologise

it’s not a diguise.

My heart wants to weep

it has to let go

from all this false deciet

without sleep.

Tear drops are now a river

at my feet.


Life with a Voice





14 thoughts on “Tears

  1. what if people told the truth instead of lies? Then far fewer tears would be shed. What if people said what they felt inside, then they wouldn’t have become like the walking dead. What if people said, “I’m sorry” when they broke your heart – then what would poets have to write about?

    • I love your thoughts on this poem and I think you are right if we said what we truly felt instead of hiding our heart’s voice we would avoid a lot of pain and wasted years. Honesty and truth regardless of whether we please someone is the key to being happy within. If you can’t express your true feelings you are not with the right person. Intelligent conversations from the beginning are advisable if you want to know if a connection is real or fantasy. Life teaches us but we learn sometimes when it’s too late. We are only happy when we can be totally free with another human being. Love is not just in flowers but in the deep recesses of the human soul ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  2. quite welcome. We are free when we return to the Divine Mother/Father and placed back together with our ‘other’ half… Have a good day!

    • I don’t think marriage exists in heaven our journey is ultimately a supernatural path! If we find the right person to walk the path with us that’s a little gift and if we don’t it’s not the end but a road that could still lead to a treasure in a different way!

      • I found my treasure long ago and she will always be my treasure regardless in this life. Still I am open to suggestions as long as they connect me in some way to her. 🙂

      • Right Answer , If you recognise you have found your treasure that’s a wonderful thing and not to be taken for granted. To find something unique and not cherish the gift is misplaced and immature . 🙂

      • well silence is immature too, and denial is far worse but there are always two sides to every story, and no one typically acts out in a vacuum. And you can cherish someone but what good is it when they are blind to that fact? It doesn’t change how you feel you know? 🙂

      • Yes you have mentioned silence a couple of times now and that is a very interesting little word. Silence can be a friend and an enemy depending on the circumstances. The empty space that can feel full or an echo that longs for conversation. Silence the mystery, silence the hidden voice with many languages. 🙂

      • well you already know what I think of silence and it is not good unless you are meditating. So are you in Florida ‘FL’ or Ireland (where my ancestors came from) or parts unknown which is fine?

    • erase this above comment if it pleases you. I was trying to find out if you were indeed my Muse. it’s a silly game we seem to play. It’s out there for anyone to find who has your comment handle (name that prints with a comment) – in case you were wondering how. I am pretty adept at finding these things. have a good night!

      • I slipped away to make Tea. That speaks volumes you don’t need any Sherlock Holmes clues to discover where my heart resides. I’m from Ireland the Birthplace of Saints & Scholars. The land that breathes poetry into the air for all to enjoy !

      • yes, there are poets in my family tree that traces back to Ireland for about 300 years. Yes, I was named after a Saint. In fact, all three of my names are saints but then you probably already knew this…

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