Cosmic Blue Eyes

Cosmic blue eyes

Don’t be shy

c58043e6c62d39cbfa5aa525399abf6dWalk with me for awhile

Let’s get lost in your blue sky

Let me search and find

the mystery of you,

hidden deep in the colour blue.

Blue eyes , brighter than an October sky

engaged in conversation

it’s poetry overflowing with emotion

in our secret ocean.

A joy that needs to flow

from one soul to another

which you can’t control

it’s an orchestra sublime

music filling every line.

A conversation just for two

no one seems to understand how

I will always love you.

Blue eyes

Deep and full of surprize

into the inner light ,



special cloudless sky

It begins and ends with you

in your eyes so blue

It’s you for me and me for you.

One soul made for two



Life with a Voice





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