Distant Stars

It’s not easy

is it too much,

are you strong enough.

How can it be for you and me

see here we are

but we’re distant temples

dfaaccc7bd14be97950aa48e53913ee9praising the same stars,

but from afar.

Maybe if I had maintained

a silence,

your life would have been better,

not knowing.

Have I destroyed

something sensitive, unique

silence doesn’t speak.

If I let go

would you be better without me.

how will we ever know,

is this how you want it to be,

separated like a distant land from the sea.

Two stars gazing from afar.

sharing the same sky

but not knowing why.

Distant stars

can sometimes find their way home,

when they let go

I just need you to let me know.

Stars will always find the light

shining brighter

through a dark night.


Life with a Voice




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