Love from the Heart

Don’t use my life for a love lesson

Don’t waste my time like wine

Speak from the heart

e9631f7fa9843a6b28f9b7838d57f80fFrom the moment you start

Don’t play games emotionally.

If it’s not true

don’t make me blue.

Don’t ruin my life

I’ve had my share of pain and strife.

Don’t add more to my short life,

I’d rather walk in the rain

then allow your love drive me insane.

A grey day will soon go away

It’s harder with pain it tends to stay.

Don’t waste my time

my life is worth more than wine.

A half empty glass is transfixed in the past.

My life deserves to be full

I want to find love that lasts.

Life apart

is a soul in two parts.

Displaced alone

it’s a pain engraved on my heart.

Don’t waste my time

I need every second

spent in true love.

Without end

with my souls true



Life with a Voice



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