Chasing a Dream

Illusion, need

Belief unseen

With a heart and will

Chasing a dream3bb8c5b17a888f72b925b906542cda66

An earthly need

Feeling unfulfilled

Is it a yearning

Or an earthly desire

seducing my will.

Nothing to believe

Hope crushed under feet

it was only a dream.

It’s not truly real,

Nothing is real,

In the seen and unseen

Perhaps it’s a silly dream,

a fantasy I want to believe

It’s an earthly need

seduced by an eartlhy will

to be everything I can be

I’m chasing a dream


Life with a Voice


10 thoughts on “Chasing a Dream

      • Our society is built on “hope” – the promise that we will earn something either tangible in this lifetime – a pretty spouse, a good job, a retirement, if we do things right. Or, a place in “heaven”, however this afterlife is defined in our culture, if we follow the rules in our mortal life.

      • I think if we don’t have what is perceived as the picket fence we perhaps feel we have failed in some way. I read something today that Nelson Mandela wrote “do not judge me by my successes judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”.
        Our journey might take a different path to everyone else but I can still have dreams that will take me into the next life.

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