Where will I find the answers ?



16 thoughts on “Where will I find the answers ?

  1. I have just read many of your posts, and as I read pretended that these posts are from My Muse/Twin Flame. And for those moments I felt alive – like nothing else mattered. Whoever you speak to must love you beyond your wildest imagination and the pain that they must feel to be away from you is certainly as close to being a death as anyone could ever experience. There is no living after this happens, there is just enduring. There is no putting into words the tragedy of a broken heart and soul. There is only attempts to keep one’s sanity and get through each day. There will never be a time when the name of that person does not bring tears to your eyes and a swelling within your heart that makes you feel as if you may burst. And silence, oh silence is the deepest death a man will ever know… Thank you for all your wonderful posts. For a moment, this bird with clipped wings was flying ever so high – beyond the clouds into another world. And so it was…

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