EE Cummings – Life with a Voice



6 thoughts on “EE Cummings – Life with a Voice

    • Yes I agree. We spend a lot of time trying to please other people and sometimes we can get a little lost. Often we are afraid to express our true feelings so we hide behind ourselves. When we get older we see life through different eyes and we care less and less and are more confident about expressing what we really feel. Age is a good thing thank you for sharing….

      • You’re welcome. I agree that age can help us in discovering who we really are. When we’re young, we don’t always realize the importance of focusing on ourselves. We worry more about other people. Discovering our true identities is important to live happily.

      • I totally agree, never be afraid to have a different opinion to everyone else, always try to swim against the tide if you want to learn new things. Listen to life with a voice, the inner heartbeat that directs our day to day lives as we make our journey of discovery ! 🙂

      • That’s great advice! Sometimes we have to go against the grain in order to learn more about ourselves. When we discover our true opinions, no matter how different they are from other people’s, that’s when we have found who we really are.

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