Pieces of Love

Suffered so muchda901a88b4fed2a47a40820142dcef90

Crushed to the touch

Tears that flow without a blush

Wanting, grieving for a lost you and me

A chance to be free has drifted into the sea

Amongst the debris at my feet,

Now I need to find me

Am I asking for too much

Feeling crushed to the touch,

Feeling Crushed to the touch,

Quench my thirst, perhaps I’m looking for too much

Act of the will.

The pain has stood still

Buried deep inside there is nowhere to hide,

Seeking more,

Miserable pieces of life, lie shattered on the floor

I need to find a new life through a different door


Life with a Voice


6 thoughts on “Pieces of Love

  1. What effect were you attempting to create by placing the stanza “Feeling crushed to the touch” twice in succession? I noticed in the second you capitalized the “C” in crush. I figured it was to drive home that point. Perhaps I am wrong though…

    • Yes you are right I wanted to emphasize the line “Feeling crushed to the touch” again these poems are quite personal and words can weave their own way into a stanza the word crushed is very poignant when we are faced with different experiences and it says it all in this poem.

      • Okay. I figured that but I was curious as to whether my interpretation was the same as intended by the author’s. Thank you for the clarification.

      • No problem I’m not use to talking about my poems, and you put me on the spot tonight. I had forgotten Pieces thank you for reminding me and sharing your comments . 🙂

      • Sure, thank you for sharing the pieces. I also express my feelings through my poetry so I am in tune to looking below the surface for deeper meanings.

        Just as an FYI – some of the pieces have links that are broken. I just wanted to bring that to your attention.

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