Life with a Voice

ece17136d59a4f16f323e37095b1098bI love this photograph it speaks volumes and reminds me of the true meaning of life. I don’t know if she is married or if she has kids and that doesn’t matter because real love exists in her face.This lovely woman is not Kate Moss or a famous singer or actress obsessed with botex or the vanities that are toxic in our everyday media bombarding women with trivial messages.  The image is simply beautiful.

Our takeaway society are interested in the superficial, materialistic standards that continue to mould our obsession with not growing old. Women are still being targeted in the artificial 21st century psyche that makes money from our fears. We honour and make celebrities of empty-headed idols that fail to live in reality. I am humbled by the natural beauty that exists in her face. Life is a journey and love is the voice that guides us a long the way…….


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