Kathleen’s Child

All a Wonder


At seven, all a wonder.

The boy with his Aunt Kathleen

snug in bed, stone hot water7b24537090bf5556b7c808e6b68a21b6

bottle in its blanket, keeping

October frost outside.


Streetlight shines through net curtains

casting paisley patterns on the wall.

Moving.  Changing with the breeze,

their own picture show.


Talking about the big wide world.

Tales of the Galapagos.

Exploring Easter Island

and the Pyramids.

He knew the Orinoco and the Nile.

Wide eyed wonders she told

from borrowed library books


Eyes wide opened never closed.


Thirty years later she told him

She was his mother.


It made sense.


Martin Swords June 2002

Kathleen’s Child

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Martin Swords – Kathleen’s Child

Click here to view Kathleen’s Child Film

“A Collection of Poems, and Things That Should Have Been Said..

By Martin Swords”

Greetings Friends, Poets and other enthusiasts, here I am back with something of an experiment. I work closely with a local Arts Group -Glendalough Arts Network – look it up.

I put together a series of Poems and Stories called Kathleen’s Child, about my growing up in Ireland.

I called it “Kathleen’s Child – a collection of Poems, and Things That Should Have Been Said. By Martin Swords.”

We then turned it into a video presentation using family photos and other pictures to bring it all alive.

I think it’s good, and it was well received when I presented it at the Arts Network’s Fireside Sessions. You don’t have to be Irish to get it – but it helps if you know something of Irish Life and changing times in Ireland.
So here it is, enjoy, and say Hello back

Perhaps it will inspire other Poets and Writers to record their views, memories and treasured recollections in this way for others to share.

Martin Swords

What’s your secret ?

Secrets are a fact of life we all have them regardless of age, it might be something small like stealing apples from the orchard or it can be a painful secret that will be taken to the grave.  Hidden chapters exist in all our lives.  You will never read my book because its a secret. Fiona Larmon


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