Eternally- Limelight-Chaplin


I’ll be loving you,
With a love that’s true
From the start within my heart it seems I’ve always known
The sun would shine when you were mine and mine alone.
I’ll be loving you,
There’ll be no-one new, my dear, for me.
Though the sky should fall remember I shall always be
Forever true and loving you

‘Eternally’ (1953)Limelight Theme
Also known as Terry’s Theme
Music by Charles Chaplin
Lyrics by Geoffery Parsons
and John Turner

Copyrighted Bourne Co. Music
First recording by Jimmy Young
UK singer in 1953. Link to recordingIn 1973, the score for Limelight won
the 1972 Best Original Score Oscar
20 years, after it’s first release. Reason?
1972 was the first year the film was
released in Los Angeles, making it eligible. Chaplin wasn’t permitted back in the USA in 1952 during the McCarthy years, that black listed so many people.


The wonderful Lyrics of Eternally from Limelight 

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