The Life Issue

Lucinda Creighton was kicked out of the Fine Gael family for having her own independent mind and her own views against the governments cleverly worded bill on abortion.

The dirty world of politics discards you when you don’t conform. If I can’t use you 100% you have no value in my party. No opposing views need apply because we are forcing this through at all costs.  De-scenting voices silenced and deafened like the life of a child wanting to be born. Do we live in a democracy.

Well Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore you got your bill, that’s the easy bit. Living with your conscience and your actions that’s not going to be as easy as you think. A man and a woman who don’t value life seize to value anything. 
When the difficult decisions had to be made you stumbled and caved in to pressure and it’s not an attractive quality. Abortion is an act but the act doesn’t resolve the problem. Living with abortion has not been discussed and the aftermath of abortion never goes away. Where is your bill on how to live with the rest of your life.
A cloud of shame hovers over the government today and it is the saddest day in the history of the Irish state.
Crush the heartbeat of one child and you crush the heartbeat of millions.
Conscience is not a piece of paper and conscience can’t be silenced . All who voted will have to live with the conscience that created this bill.
 You are only a number amongst other numbers in government and crushing the innocent life of a child is not a career.
All the clever debates on TV and in the newspapers, the media circus giving so many experts a platform playing with words and obsessing over every little detail of when a child is a child. A real woman doesn’t need clever words, or politicians telling her when life begins. A woman looks inside  her own heart and answers all those questions because life is not a science, life is not just biology, life is about love. Only God can give life and only God can take it away. 
Government representatives are not representing the real men and women in Ireland  Political popularity doesn’t build a society, clever TV and media debates don’t build societies. Cleverly worded bills don’t build societies. Experts don’t build a society.  Values build nations.
Alan Shatter’s Fine Gael FAMILY kicked Lucinda Creighton out for speaking the truth, that’s a lovely family.
“Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God.” 
From Christendom in Dublin
“Love and truth go together in a real family ” 

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