Let Ireland Vote On Life

A sea of people marched along O’Connell street today to tell Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore that they want them both to “Kill the Bill and not the Child”.  What is the Bill? A very cleverly worded document created by the Irish government to deceive the people and sneak legislation on abortion into Ireland through the back door. Up to a 100,000 voices families, children, men, and women of all ages marched together for life.

Put Life Before A Political Career

Stand up for something worth fighting for in Ireland’s history

“the voice of an innocent child”


The gift is life, we are all part of a bigger plan precious to each-other necessary and important. Lucinda Creighton has put her political career on the line. We need more politicians to put life first. Lucinda is to be applauded and represents the voice of a lot of women in Ireland. We need real politicians in the political arena, to exercise courage and speak out now on an issue that is going to drive Ireland down the popular path that destroys life.

Politicians who pick the easy road are not real leaders. Politicians that vote to kill the heartbeat of life for political power and popularity will have to account for their actions in the future.  Our politicians are not representing the true voice of all men and women in Ireland.

   We choose life because it is deeper than a bill

                                      Let the people of Ireland vote……

Life has a voice

We live in a democracy and we deserve the right to vote on life.


Text Love if you live in Ireland and support life 

name /address/and email address

To : 51155


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